23 May, 2012

Green Screen Kit in Photography and Its Reach to the Masses

There was a time when people depended largely on the artists who were capable of drawing portraits, and only the rich communities were able to afford them. With the passage of time, the advent of the camera enabled the common man to capture the images in a short and effective manner. Gradually, the photography experts having deep technical knowledge began to use green screen backdrops for shooting videos and still photographs. Today, there is a great value of green screen kit for video/photography in the recording studios. There are many resources available on the web that offers green screen kits at affordable prices, but care must be taken to check the number of elements and their quality before investing on them.

Green screen photography can’t be carried out without a good-quality green screen, and best lighting equipment. Secondly, the quality of material used for green screen and the standard of equipment must be cross-checked before you take a decision to buy a photography studio green screen kit. At the same time, durability of the products does matters, because if any of the equipments get damaged, the entire kit becomes useless. For those photographers earning big bucks studios may not be affected by the cost factor but an average man who spends on his hobby of photography must compare the pricing across the various websites that offers such kits. It will be an unparalleled experience to do photography by utilizing the green screen kit. The added advantage will be of owning a set of digital backgrounds as it can help you in revamping studio shoots by yourself using a software for green screen replacement.

25 April, 2012

Green Screen Photo Software for Professional Pictures

Do you like talking pictures and posting them on Facebook or Picasa. Do you want to look good in your pictures and surprise your friends with beautiful pictures? Do you want to show them your creativity and innovation? Do you think all these are really difficult tasks to do? All you need is a photo editing software as will make your pictures look even more beautiful and amazing and let you change the mood of your photographs in no time.

With the help of blue screen software you can easily edit the blue screen backdrop from the background of the images to insert the image or clip art of your choice. You can also merge two different images to make a new one to give a completely new look to your pictures.

We also offer best green screen photo software at affordable rates as this software is of great use in the field of professional photography. It helps in making great portfolios, editing pictures for professional purpose and also making the wedding and other pictures taken on special occasions to look great. The software is easy and simple to use and comes with inbuilt themes pictures which could be directly used to make the pictures look like new.

  • The green screen photo software has easy to use interface which makes the editing of the images even easy and quick.
  • It also allows the users to edit the images and crop its size according to the need easily.
  • You can also change the brightness, hue, contrast of the image and even play with the white balance of the picture to give it a new look with the help of blue screen software or green screen software.

You can buy the software for all your professional and personal photography related needs at cheap rates. Visit us now to avail the best deals and offers. Buy it now to improve the quality of your pictures and have enjoy photography like never before.

17 April, 2012

What is the Power of Chroma Key Software?

Today, with the progression in technology, digital photography has also made huge progress. Now you can really enter into the area of creativity and imagination. It has just become possible because of the highly developed technology of Chroma Keying Software. With this software, you can generate striking photos contravening actual reality. Buy this software if you want to present your thoughts passionately. It is a bespoke technology which permits you to produce unimaginable videos and pictures. You can replace the background image with any image according to your preference. If you dream for having a picture of yours on a mountain’s top, it has become possible now with the help of this software. You can click the picture in front of a simple green muslin cloth and transform the background with mountain’s image, by picking it from the software.

For all this, you need to locate the best provider of green screen kit and software. There are many resources from where you can get the cost-effective deals, but you need to check the resource’s credibility before finalizing the deal.

A large number of photographers are using software green screen for its numerous benefits. The software is scoring very high as compared to other related applications. The outcome obtained from the software can really surprise your friends and family. It can give a shape to your imagination, and can make an ordinary image really eye-catching. Those days are gone when you had to keep your photos with boring backgrounds. Now, you can change the background with the help of this software, without any technical knowledge. In most simple words, it can be said that digital industry has recognized all its capabilities.

Many of you might be asking why to buy software green screen. The first reason is that it is a great step up in the photography field; secondly, it permits you to express your creativity and imagination. Visit 123VideoMagic.com if you want to make sure of the capabilities of green screen software. Use free trial version and get basic first-hand knowledge of this software. Hurry up!

05 April, 2012

Edit your Pictures with green screen photo software

Now editing images is not a difficult task, we all want to make our pictures more attractive and valuable. For that we need latest photo editing features 123 video magic is providing green screen photo software and blue screen software , with the help of these amazing software’s you can make great changes with your pictures and look lovely.

You do not to go to professional photographers as this easy to use software is user friendly. It consists of some of the latest features like sepia, flip, rotate, crop, automatic contrast, red eye and Polaroid effects.

You can also replace these blue and green backgrounds from your pictures and can add custom background of your choice, you can place any kind of background according to your choice for example you can also place the view of Eiffel tower behind your picture. With this type of thing you can make your pictures more exciting and identifiable and can get more likes on the Facebook.

With this image magic software you can easily preview your pictures, change their sizes, undo changes, and control its sharpness, brightness and hue. With the help of this blue screen software you can easily share your pictures on Picasa and Facebook. This is a great technique for small photographers because they cannot afford expensive places for photo shoots. This technique is also being used in Hollywood for various action scenes.

So consider these blue screen software and green screen photo software for widening your experience in image editing. The software are available at affordable prices so save every hour of your effort and go for green screen photo software because photographs are our memories and form an important part in our lives.

Save your energy and time by choosing this software and enhance your skills. Visit us now to buy green screen software for all your photography editing related needs. The software is available at affordable rates so buy now to avail best deals and offers.

04 April, 2012

Experience Image Editing Like Never Before

Uploading and sharing your personal photographs on social networking websites has become a trend. There is no one who has escaped this addiction. Why not gather double attention by making your photos more attractive before you go on to upload them. If you are looking for such an experience than 123 Image Magic is the software for your needs. It makes your beautiful pictures look even more amazing and lets you change the mood of your photographs in no time.

123 Image Magic is among the best green screen photo software using which you can replace the green backdrop of your photograph with any desirable image of a place you want to pretend to have visited. One may also insert a custom background to give a decent finishing and later framing it to the walls of the room. In this way you can roam around the world without leaving your computer desk.

One thing that adds value to our green screen photo software is the green screen backdrop kit which includes a green screen backdrop and a lighting system with tripod stands. A green screen in the background gives a fantastic perfectness to the pictures and brings a subtle quality by automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast of the photograph. Earlier, blue screen backdrops were used for chroma keying and thus the image editing software was named accordingly as blue screen software.

What All You Can Do With 123 Image Magic

With a very easy to use user interface of this green screen photo software, you can not only just replace the background of your pictures with a custom image or a wallpaper of some exotic place but also there are available a number of other image editing options.

  • You can resize your picture before or after replacing the background.

  • You can crop the image according to your needs and position it by rotating or flipping the image through different desired angles.

  • You may change the brightness, hue, contrast of the image and even play with the white balance of the picture to give it a new look.

The best part about this image editing software is that you can instantly upload your edited images on Facebook and Picasa directly by clicking on the option displayed for this purpose.

So, enhance the beauty of the pictures you take with your personal camera by using the best green screen photo software 123 Image Magic and poke fun on your friends by replacing the green background with the expensive-to-visit places. Buy 123 Image Magic on special offer and start boasting your photographs giving them a pinch of style.

23 February, 2012

Choose Green Screen Studio Kit For Managing the Photography Session Professionally

Using a green screen helps to replace the background of a photograph with some other image or video. A professional cameraman will understand the need to purchase the right green screen studio kit that includes the various tools and equipment, apart from the high-quality green screen. Buying a kit will certainly be helpful to save the investment of your time and energy for buying different things, separately. In fact, you can find a variety of websites, offering the studio kit at affordable prices. It’s very essential to compare the prices and qualities of the products available across different websites before purchasing them.

A green screen studio kit must carry these essential equipment and tools:

  • It must contain Background Stand, along with the carrying case.

  • A Chromakey Green Screen of top-quality material.

  • Tripod stands for better camera handling.

  • Background stand and cross bar.

  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs of 85 Watt 5000K UL for lighting the studio.

  • Translucent Photo Umbrellas that helps in spreading light on the subject.

It will be better to check the testimonials from the website from where you have considered purchasing the studio kit. It will help you to know about the experiences of the people who have already used the kit.

Each website will claim that they are offering the unique quality green screen studio kit, but it’s up to you how you can choose the best quality material within budget. It is not a bad thing to invest according to the budget, but you must check the contents of the kit and ensure that they meet quality standards.

09 February, 2012

Download Videos From a Variety of Sites Using Video Downloader

User contributed video sites have become hugely popular in social networking. The users of video sites vary from INTERNET marketers, students and the common man coming from the different walks of life. As a matter of fact, it has emerged as the second largest search engine in the United States.

You must be aware that it’s easy to upload the videos on video sites due to their policy of periodic algorithmic changes. It is equally difficult to download the videos from these sites, unless you seek the help of software for downloading videos. Software can make video downloading and management very easy for the user. A registered user can upload and share numerous videos on these websites, but cannot download any video without having a Video Downloader software. Downloader uploader offered by 123 Video Magic plays a crucial role in downloading interesting videos, that can be used for mixing or watching at home, for pure entertainment.

There are many people who are freaky about net-surfing and watching videos online, and many of them have cultivated a habit of downloading the videos from different websites. You Tube is one of the most popular video sites but there are several other sites where we can get videos. 123 Video Magic Video Downloader can be used for downloading the desired videos from Google Videos, Daily Motion, break.com, funnyhub.com, and cctv.com, etc. Therefore, you find yourself in a better position to get some high-quality videos in few simple steps.

25 January, 2012

Choose The Best Video Downloader for your Favorite Videos

When we go through the different sites for watching videos that are available over the world wide web, we like to download them on our PC. However, most of the video sharing websites do not allow the users to download videos, because they are encrypted in such a way that the user will not be able to trace the real URL of those videos. However, you can get a video downloader if you want to fulfill your wish of downloading your favorite videos.

Video downloading software is a kind of program that allows the users to download any video from the Internet, edit or combine different videos in order to enhance its quality or for reusing it at some other occasion. However, there may be different features in various types of video downloader, and it will be your smartness to choose a dependable downloader for your PC. This will certainly help you to compile different videos and entertain yourself and your friend circle, while you are not using the Internet connection. Thus, it will be a cost-effective way of having fun time, and that too without any need to go out from the comfort of your home and waste time in going to the theatres. Moreover, you will not have to wait for your repeat telecast of some favorite episodes on the TV because you can directly save them into your hard drive.

02 January, 2012

Green Screen Technology and The Need To Use Studio Kit

The green screen technology is used widely for the better editing opportunities that made possible by replacing the green background by some static or movable background. The Chroma Key technique helps the film maker to extract the ‘subject’ from one background and place it in front of some other background. The tiresome job of performing shooting and editing the video can be done in a better way, with the help of a green screen kit. The professionals all over the globe make use of the studio kit, to simplify the recording and editing process.

Before starting the shooting the lighting in the studio should be properly checked. Secondly, the need to have a perfect background can be the biggest challenge, in order to get the quality end product. These two factors are very important so it will be extremely beneficial to have the green screen kit to address them. You must check the ingredients of the kit before buying to ensure that it meets your requirements or not. The video studio kit should consist of the lighting stand, chroma key green screen, tripod stand for fixing the camera, Translucent Photo Umbrellas, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, etc. Apart from this, you can ask for the green colored body suit, in case you want the body parts of your subject to be invisible. The film makers are greatly thankful towards the green screen technology, which provide greater flexibility to them.

09 December, 2011

Make Your Own Green Screen Studio and make this Christmas Memorable

The festive season is around the corner and planning work is being done to make it count. People like to spend money buying gifts for their loved ones. How about a gift that whole family can relish? Make your own green screen studio and create fabulous memories of your Christmas celebrations. Buy a studio kit and see what you can do with the videos and pictures taken at your home studio. Green screen studio kit consists of backdrops, Background Images, Photo Umbrellas, Lights, Carrying case and Green Screen Software for a single-point solution for amazing pictures. Using all these things you can create videos and pictures at your home, and later you can edit their backgrounds to give a redefined look.

The studio kit is convenient to use and is portable as it comes with a carrying case. Software makes editing work easy as it takes just a few clicks to replace backgrounds. For recording videos you can also use pack of video backgrounds that includes a variety of videos. Get a discount up to 65% on overall prices to reduce your expenses this season. Make most of this offer and give your friends and family a surprise by capturing all the valuable moments of celebrations.

Find out about more exciting offers at http://www.123videomagic.com/specialoffers.asp

09 November, 2011

Green Screen Photo Editing in an Easier Way !

Green screen photo editing is an interesting photographic procedure and is gaining popularity by every passing day. More and more photographers and camera-persons tend to make use of it to create amazing photos. The best part of using this technique is that you do not have to be a professional to be able to create digital photographs. With a little understanding of the green screen image software, you can achieve great success in editing photographs with the use of chroma key.

The software is fairly simple to use, and you just have to do a bit of editing. You have to start by shooting the subject in front of the green screen or background. After shooting you can import the photos easily to the software and then you are required to substitute the green background with a digital photo of your choice. Many programs also provide you with such digital photographs to choose from. Once you have replaced the green-colored background with a digital photograph, you can compile the photographs into an album.

The use of green screen photo editing software is extremely easy, and you would not be required to put in much efforts. You can play with your creativity as you use this technique, and come up with wonderful results.

03 August, 2011

Video Downloader is Vital to Share your Videos Across Social Media

The world is using the social networking sites like never before, and they want to share information and keep updating their Facebook and Twitter accounts time and again. With the recent survey, an average internet user in the US spends four to five hours a month on social networking sites. They update their profiles with recent happenings and the most wide-spread use for social networking is for sharing videos. And these are the reasons companies have now recognized the power of social media. Therefore, they have come up with the video downloader so that the user can download videos from various sites and upload them onto social networking sites.

Online sharing of videos is a great way of communication and is used a lot these days. With the use of a video downloader, you can download videos from various video sites, edit them or combine them too. A good software will also enable you to add exciting new images, attractive effects, captivating sound effects, transitions and more to your videos. If you use a capable program, you can download videos for multiple devices and will be able to publish them in devices such as your iPads, iphones, HTC, Blackberry and more. Besides, you will be able to customize captions or publish to CD, DVD or web like Picassa, YouTube and Flickr. With the use of this software, you can make your video sharing exciting. Your video sharing experience would never have been this great.

Apart from this, you will be able to download videos in batches and make your task easier. With its enhanced speed and advanced technology, video downloader can quickly download multiple videos in less time. With the use of a downloader, you will also be able to download the videos from video sites in different formats. Many good downloader software allows you to download videos in formats like WMV, AVI-DivX, AVI-IVX, FLV, MPEG1, etc. The software enables downloading of high-quality videos. With the tabbed-interface feature provided in a good software, it will be much easier for you to download, edit and upload a video.

To make your videos look appealing, you can use transitions like Four squares, Horizontal, Cross, Diamond Box and many more provided in video downloader. Visual effects like Fade, Pixelate and Checker Board can also be applied to the videos using the software. With the use of this software, uploading videos on your Facebook or any other account is going to be a piece of cake!

26 July, 2011

Green Screen Backdrops for Economical Shooting

Green Screen Kit is a budget solution for creating amazing backgrounds within the studio. For an easy studio set up at home you don't need to spend hefty amount. Green Screen Backdrops are required to create effects to the shoots done in the studio. Video and photo backgrounds can be applied to make the average looking shots into amazing piece of art. All the shoots are required to be carried out in front of a green screen because of the fact that green color is farthest from the human skin tone.

Green screen recording can be done using backdrops and then can be edited to add new color and life. The recordings can be edited countless times. Stands should also be covered with green cover so that quality of the final product remains unaffected. People working in the art and media industry can use backdrops to give their shows and sets a new look every time. The best advantage associated with the studio kit and in specifically with the backdrops is that with a limited budget a lot of things can be done.

26 May, 2011

Use Chroma Key Software to redefine Photography

Chroma Key Software is a major tool for making pictures and videos better. It is very easy to use and makes it possible even for a new user to edit photographic work. Advantages and features of chroma key software are countless and adds life to normal studio shoots. It changes the look of videos and images to create an interesting end product. With the latest configuration computer systems available with most users functioning of the software becomes really easy. All that one needs is to follow the simple instructions mentioned in the software to finish the job.

Chroma Key Video Software removes the dull look of studio shoots and makes them interesting by adding backgrounds in place of the single colored backdrop. It imposes two frames and removes the background to make the end product look like an outdoor shoot. You can add other effects of your choice using the software without even looking to other photo and videos editors. It helps photographers to realize their imaginations by making creative changes to studio shoots.

23 May, 2011

Video Downloading via Innovative Downloader

It is very common these days that you saw a video on the Internet and liked it and the next time you logged on the same site to watch the video, and you find that video is no longer available. There can be several reasons for the removal of videos but the bottom line is that you will no longer be able to watch that video again. The simple solution to avoid such a situation is to download videos. Video downloader enables the user to download videos that are available on the internet. This way you can make a collection of your favorites.

A variety of free and paid tools are available on the web that can download videos from web sites. Apart from tools, there is a huge range of sites that provides downloading services but these sites work for a less amounts of time, whereas software is stable. Whenever the websites change their policies the sites fail to deliver but software usually comes with upgrades that adjust according to every change. Simply, by pasting the url of your favorite video you can download it. You can add captions,title and other effects to make it more according to your liking. Try video downloader and download your favorite videos.

05 May, 2011

Get best Green Screen Backdrop for your Studio

Technology has played a huge part in making green screen photography a household name. But most of the people just tried their hand and then switched off due to the complexities in the procedure. But video chroma key screen is good for the beginners to start off with. It is a simple process in which two different frames are combined in such a way that one gets depleted and eventually looks as the part of the picture. The main thing required to create studio at home for green screen photography is green screen backdrop.

Green Screen backdrop can be of blue or green color but green is more preferred as it is less used and is totally opposite to skin color. You can choose the best chroma key green screen background for your studio simply by keeping a few things in mind. Wrinkles should not be tolerated on the screen that is why screen should be made from muslin. If you are low on budget you can make green screen backdrop at home but there will be a difference in the quality. Before selecting the backdrop make sure that you are choosing the best size according to your need.

27 April, 2011

Green Screen Video Software and its Application

Green Screen Software has revolutionized green screen photography. It has made background replacement easy for amateurs and as well as professionals. In the initial stage the software was limited only to images but with the improvements in technology green screen video software emerged as the replacement of image software. Video software not just replaces green backgrounds but also adds various effects to images and to videos as well.

There are certain points that needs attention before you start using green screen video software. First things is that the lighting should be done in a precise manner. Object and surrounding both should not be overly lighted because over lighting can cause reflections that can make picture look bad. Different sort of lighting scheme should be followed for different set ups. After when the shooting is done the background can be replaced with the help of green screen video software which also supports a variety of effects that can make videos and images attractive.

19 April, 2011

Use Chroma Key Software at home like a Professional

Green Screen Photography is a major achievement in photography it has made photography easier for many professionals and amateurs around the globe. It has given tremendous results without spending much of budget. Many of us like to shoot pictures and videos but when it comes to editing part then the scenario is not that good for all. Editing part is the most crucial part in photography because no matter how well the photo has been shot if it is not developed or edited well there is no point of spending on shooting. But now days there are software to help in editing work.

Chroma Key Software is an innovation that has made dreams of many people come true. You can take your picture in a studio and after editing you can stand in the picture next to your favorite actor. Using this software is not that difficult as it might seems. The computer program comes with a manual that makes it easy going for even a amateur. Doing things in the same way as mentioned in manual you can match up with work done by professional. Simply by keeping few things in mind you can actually work like professional at your home.

05 April, 2011

Get Your Profits Doubled Up With Green Screen Software

Budgeting is a major aspect in media and production field. There are instances where a modest budget can turn the tables and sometimes easy flow of cash can not ensure that things will go as per plans. This is the reason why studio shoots have an edge over outdoors. Studio shoots might not end up that creative as outdoors can be but there is a safety which is always involved in studio shoots. With technology and improvement in photography it has became a reality to create magic like outdoors in studio shoots.

Green Screen technology has made it possible to make studio shoots better and attractive. Use of this technology can do wonders to your business. Suppose if a client wants his family photograph to be a memorable one without even paying the expenses of going there then it can be done easily with green screen software. Then obviously it will cost your client more to get those effects done. Changing the background with green screen software will change the whole look of shooting work and will surely make your profits grow more.

24 March, 2011

Desirable Features of green screen body suit for green screen photography

Green Screen Photography is an art that needs to be practiced very carefully even a minute error can spoil the whole end product. This is why the studio hardware should be of top quality. Things like backdrops, lights, stands etc. should be of top quality. Green Screen Body suit is major equipment that really picks the quality of the end product.

Green screen body suit is a suit used especially for green screen photography. It helps in making the movement of the subject invisible during the shoot. Green screen suit is mostly used in entertainment and media production. There are certain features that are must for a good green body suit. First of all it should be made of muslin a special cloth which does not get wrinkled because a wrinkled cloth can be degraded. It should also have pores so that the person wearing the suit can breathe. These are the key points that should be taken into account while buying green screen body suit.